Service options

Many of our clients find that the staffing needs within their individual departments or business segments require varied and customized solutions. Therefore, we have designed these permanent search options to meet those needs.

Priority EngagementExclusive Contingency
ResourcesSignificant priority. Resources allocated as required to fulfill assignment.Team Leader works on search as other priorities permit.
Candidate ExclusivityYes – 30 day’s exclusivity to client.None. Candidates can be presented to other clients simultaneously.
Reference ChecksReference checks completed prior to offer if requested by client.Reference checks completed prior to offer if requested by client.
Performance GuaranteePresent agreed upon number of qualified candidates per search within a defined time.Not applicable.
Replacement Guarantee90 days30 days
Payment Schedule20% when search begins 80% upon placement.100% upon placement.

Let us walk you through it

Feel free to contact us and have one of senior leaders walk you through the service model. We are always eager to hear how we can help you.