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Senior Project Manager

Location: Vernon, CA
Date: 7/11/2018

This privately held US Owned company has been in business for 20+ years and is family owned. They do all of their production in Vernon. Very good work environment with about 100 employees, 50 of those are contractors. They currently do not offer Health Benefits.

They are hiring a Senior Project Manager to oversee the conception, implementation and analysis of internal projects. The successful candidate will have a background in both business and high level project management and will have an extensive understanding of the hospitality industry. We’re looking for a responsible, articulate and motivated Senior Project Manager who can quickly identify vulnerabilities and obstacles, and then create innovative solutions to any problems. They will be responsible for overseeing the work of 10 to 12 project managers and communicating their progress to senior management at regular intervals.

• Team Building
• Excellent people skills
• Master problem solver
• Disciplined - This is extremely vital to the company’s sustainability

• Minimum of 10 years of experience working as a senior project manager
• Bachelor’s degree in business-related disciplines required (Master’s degree preferred)
• Must have a proven track record
• Excellent time management
• Excellent organizational skills
• Excellent communication skills both verbal and written
• Must have ability to command adherence
• Reasonable
• Must be proficient in Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Word
• QuickBooks is a plus however it is not a requirement
• Speaking Spanish is a plus however it is not a requirement
• Must be able to travel
• Must be able to manage a deal with stressful situations

• Assigning new projects to project managers
• Establish project management accountability
• Prioritize what projects get written up first based on information provided by customer and project manager
• Review projects with project managers to determine how the project will be written up
• Review projects prior to putting them into production
• Evaluate the progress of a project to detect limitations or faults in order to seek solutions to a more efficient process
• Prioritize projects for production to schedule by due date
• Input projects into production schedule by due dates
• Insure projects are shipped on time based on installation start dates and completion dates
• Communicate with customers when there are problems that need to be solved
• Insure materials are ordered on time based on costing’s budgets and project due dates
• Coordinate with all departments on improving the flow and accuracy of information
• Establish goals in line with company goals
• Motivate team members to meet project goals by effectively carrying out their responsibilities
• Provide project managers with feedback, encouragement and advice
• Forecast Sales for the month
• Coordinate with production and accounting to make sure we are within our material and labor budgets for the month
• Review team members based on performance and advise President
• Oversee the recruitment and orientation of team members to ensure a capable workforce
• Properly enforce disciplinary procedures including write ups, suspensions and terminations

• Improve and prepare the project management team for future growth
• Lead the project managers through positive leadership
• Develop, improve and implement standard operating procedures
• Cultivate a more productive environment by recruiting, disciplining, and terminating team members as necessary

All Candidates must be able to provide work related references.

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