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Job Title Location Job Code
Product Development Engineer Southeast 13149
Senior Quality Engineer Atlanta, GA 13148
Marketing/Sales Chattanooga, TN 13145
Chief Financial Officer Southeast 13146
Human Resources Director Southeast 13147
Packaging Designer New Jersey (not commutable from NYC) 13144
Vice President, Brands Southeast 13143
Product Integrity Specialist Open 13141
Manufacturing and Operations Accounting Manager Dalton, GA 13142
Forecasting & Inventory Manager Chicago , IL 13139
Director of Quality Atlanta, GA 13140
Merchandiser Portland, OR 13136
Technical Services Engineer Newburyport, MA 13137
Director of Product Development Los Angeles, CA 13138
New Business Development & Sales Manager, Automotive & IT North Carolina 13133
Director of Engineering and Maintenance, NC North Carolina 13134
Director of Engineering and Maintenance, TN Tennessee 13135
Creative Director Atlanta, GA 13129
Product Manager, Wal-Mart New York, NY 13130
Textile Manufacturing Southeast 13131
Business Development Director Open 13132
Account Manager Open - Mid West (WI, MI, IL) 13128
Sales Manager, West Coast Open 13127
Quality Manager Southern, CA 13126
Supply Chain Manager Southeast 13125
Furniture Designer NJ, not commuting distance from NYC 13124
Quality Manager Southeast 13122
Head of New Business Development and Strategic Marketing Southeast 13123
Sales Manager North Carolina 13120
Process Engineer North Carolina 13121
Sales Support/Account Manager New Jersey 13118
Assistant Product Developer New Jersey 13117
Mechanical Plant Engineer Southeast 13116
Production Manager Southeast 13115
Director of Operations Southeast 13114
Continuous Improvement Manager Southeast 13113
Sales Manager, TV Networks Open 13112
Plant Manager Northeast 13119
Electrical Engineer Chattanooga, TN 13111
Technical/Quality Manager Chattanooga, TN 13110
Senior Manager California 13109
Director of Materials California 13108
Sourcing Coordinator New Jersey 13107
Engineer Southern CA 13104
Product Development Engineer North Carolina 13102
Patternmaker San Salvador, El Salvador 13098
Account Manager Southeastern US, Work from Home Office 13097
Production Supervisor Ada, OK 13096
Production Supervisor Ada, OK 13096
Business Development Executive Los Angeles, CA 13090
Account Manager Open 13081
Weave Room Supervisor Hickory, NC 13082
Quality Manager Pauls Valley, OK 13083
Associate Buyer Upper Midwest 13084
Plant Manager, Texas Wichita Falls, TX 13085
Plant Manager, Colorado Aurora, CO 13086
Business Development Manager Open 13087
Sewing Manager Wichita Falls, TX 13088
West Coast Sales Manager West Coast 13080
Planning & Inventory Analysis Specialist Los Angeles, CA 13078
Global Sales Manager Home Office 13076
Product Development Manager Richmond, VA 13077
Marketing Specialist Long Valley, NJ 13064
Corporate / Global Technology Director Southeast 13071
Procurement Manager Southeast 13072
Production Manager Southeast 13073
Technology Director Southeast 13074
Territory Manager, Atlanta Atlanta, GA 13062
Director of Operations Mid-Atlantic 13060
Department Manager North Carolina 13055
Industry Manager, Fiber Dalton, GA 13056
Territory Manager, NYC New York City 13053
Merchandise Manager Southeast 13048
Director of R&D/Supply Chain, Diapers Manhattan, NY 13030
Director of R&D/Supply Chain, Wipes Manhattan, NY 13031
Packaging & Production Artist Greater NY Area & Greater CT Area 13032
Territory Manager, Cincinnati, OH Work from Home: Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana 13026
Industrial Designer Northwest 13024
Territory Manager, Chicago Chicago 13014
Supply Chain Manager California 12986