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Job Title Location Job Code
SVP, Sales & Marketing New York, NY or Southeast 13223
Designer Dalton, GA 13224
Merchandiser Ohio 13221
Account Manager New York, NY 13222
Senior Account Manager, Fashion Bedding Dallas, TX 13219
Vice President, Sales, FR Fabrics Open 13220
Weaving Manager Southeast 13215
Senior Product Developer Northwest 13216
Product Developer Northwest 13217
National Sales Manager Midwest 13214
Process Engineer North Carolina 13218
Territory Manager, Central Florida Central Florida 13213
Human Resources Manager Northeast 13210
Director of Distribution North of Atlanta 13211
Site Technical Manager Greenville/Spartanburg, SC 13212
Vice President, Sales Dallas, TX 13208
Sales Account Executive, Building & Industrial West Coast 13209
Lead Designer California 13207
Product Development Manager Southeast 13206
Product Development Manager Richmond, VA 13077
Technical Services Engineer Newburyport, MA 13137
Senior Development Engineer Northeast 13205
Product Designer Cartersville, GA 13204
Continuous Improvement Engineer Southeast 13202
Product Manager, Home Textiles South San Francisco, CA 13203
Senior Customer & Marketing Success Specialist Long Valley, NJ 13198
Vice President, Operations Southeast 13199
Sales Assistant East Brunswick, NJ 13200
Vice President, Operations Southeast 13201
Production Engineer Greenville, SC 13193
Consultant, Cut & Sew Douglasville, GA 13194
Development and R&D Scientist Spartanburg, SC 13195
Technical Designer Northwest 13196
Materials Manager Northwest 13197
Business Development, Sales Manager Open 13187
Operations/Plant Manager Midwest 13188
Vice President, Sales Open 13189
Vice President, Hospitality Open 13190
Vice President, Design New York, NY 13191
Sales Coordinator Greensboro, NC 13192
Account Manager Southeast or Possibility of a remote location 13185
Senior Quality Manager Florida 13183
Sourcing Coordinator New Jersey, Living in NYC will not work 13182
Fabric Sales Manager, Casual Furniture Open 13179
Business Development, Sales Manager Open 13180
Senior Project Manager Vernon, CA 13178
Designer, Top of Bed East Brunswick, NJ 13173
Account Manager Open 13174
Senior Account Manager Open 13175
Industrial Designer Northwest 13177
Shift Supervisor North Carolina 13172
Operations Manager New York, NY 13170
Vice President, eCommerce Sales Open 13169
Maintenance Manager Southeast 13166
Process/Controls Engineer Southeast 13167
Process Engineer South Carolina 13165
First Line Dye Supervisor North Carolina 13163
Sales New York, NY 13160
Director of Marketing Mid-Atlantic 13162
Product Development Director Compton, CA 13158
Process Engineer Tennessee 13155
Quality Manager Tennessee 13156
Director of Supply Chain Southeast 13153
Regulatory Compliance Manager Southeast 13152
Account Executive New Jersey 13150
Product Development Engineer Southeast 13149
Marketing/Sales Chattanooga, TN 13145
Vice President, Brands Southeast 13143
Director of Quality Atlanta, GA 13140
Director of Engineering and Maintenance, TN Tennessee 13135
Business Development Director Open 13132
Account Manager Open - Mid West (WI, MI, IL) 13128
Quality Manager Southern, CA 13126
Continuous Improvement Manager Southeast 13113
Electrical Engineer Chattanooga, TN 13111
Technical/Quality Manager Chattanooga, TN 13110
Senior Manager California 13109
Director of Materials California 13108
Engineer Southern CA 13104
Product Development Engineer North Carolina 13102
Production Supervisor Ada, OK 13096
Weave Room Supervisor Hickory, NC 13082
Planning & Inventory Analysis Specialist Los Angeles, CA 13078
Global Sales Manager Home Office 13076
Department Manager North Carolina 13055
Territory Manager, Cinncinati, OH Work from Home:Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana 13026